About Me

My name is David Burstin and I love creating great software.

I have been writing software for almost 15 years now and have never lost the passion for it. I work primarily in the Microsoft sphere and my passion is around Test Driven Design. When I am not working or spending time with my family, I write my own applications for fun and to further my knowledge. I am constantly reading up on new development practices and creating applications to try out new approaches and technologies. For me, great software is software that gets used over a long period of time. This means that it must not only meets the user’s needs now, but must also be enjoyable to use, easily maintainable and responsive to changing requirements.

I pride myself on creating highly maintainable and customizable solutions that users enjoy working with.

My preferred methodology involves continuous delivery – I tend to deliver working solutions at least every fortnight (and sometimes even daily). This gives the client a chance to see real progress, to try out the working parts of the system, and most importantly to be able to make changes to both their requirements and priorities at minimal cost. I find that my clients tend to be delighted with the outcomes, that the solutions meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

I am proud of the solutions that I produce and the sustained positive feedback that I get. It is wonderful to be able to consistently make people’s lives easier through automation, and to see well-crafted solutions that I have created being enthusiastically embraced.

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